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When I moved to Oregon nearly 25 years ago I quickly became involved with local and statewide environmental issues. I gave generously to several environmental organizations. Even though I followed what was going on at city hall and in Salem I didn't support political efforts--other than my $50 political campaign tax credit.


“Click here if you believe absolutely nothing I’ve said…” suggests Andy Kerr on the homepage of his website. What you get if you click might stun you at first: It’s defiant. It’s direct. And it’s funny.

That’s Andy Kerr.


My name is Angie Monday. I am a 37 year-old wife, mother of three, and local business owner at WoodStyles, LLC, in Bend. I grew up in the Pacific Northwest and I have lived in Bend for 4 ½ years. Prior to moving here, I lived in Las Vegas, Nevada and worked as a paramedic.

I am currently a full-time student at OSU-Cascades; a senior set to graduate in the spring with a B.S. in Natural Resources with a Conservation option. I also work part-time at the Natural Areas Association.


Note: Ashley Miller was featured here as a volunteer in 2009, and was hired as an organizer for Deschutes, Jackson and Lane counties in March 2010.

Ashley Miller joined the OLCV Lane County steering committee in December 2008. But it is not her first--or only--volunteer gig.

In fact, Ashley, 26, volunteers a lot. How much? "I should kinda keep track but I don't," she admitted one afternoon on her way to phone bank for the Lane County Bus Project.


25 years ago, Betsy Warriner traveled across the country to make the Northwest her home. She eventually moved to Bend in order to be closer to her family, and promptly fell in love with Central Oregon's mountains, trees, and landscape. The former East Coast-er was impressed that in Oregon, "so much land is saved."


I'm honored to be nominated for the 2010 Katy Daily Volunteer of the Year Award.

Early in 2010, OLCV got me all fired up at the "Campaigning to Win in 2010" training where OLCV Executive Director Jon Isaacs and then Political Director Katy Daily shared key ideas that I have quoted many times since that fine day. 

I sat next to Janelle Sorenson, and she signed me up as a volunteer for the Water, Parks, Wildlife Campaign to pass Measure 76. By the way, we won! 


Brady and Natalie Bennon moved to Portland several years ago in their mid-20s, attracted by Portland’s “fabled livability and progressive culture.”  Brady, an avid flyfisher, also relished having access to so many great rivers, while Natalie (a Maryland native) liked Oregon’s temperate climate and beautiful, varied landscapes.

In 2007, they became monthly donors to OLCV, finding this the easiest way to budget their donations and the most effective way for them to support OLCV.

“It’s easy, our membership never lapses, and I never have to mail in a check,” says Natalie.


Being a member of the Clackamas County Steering Committee gives me the opportunity to help support and sustain local and state-wide candidates to protect the environment. I get to help protect the environment every day through my work for the Crag Law Center, and volunteering for OLCV gives me a political voice for sustainability.


To many, the life that Dave Staver walked away from was perfect: he practiced corporate law for a big firm in San Francisco and traveled all over the country. Most people would find it hard to leave a well-paying job and comfortable lifestyle. But Dave is not like most people.


Derek is a senior studying political science at the University of Oregon. He plans on attending law school in order to practice environmental law.

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